This web service allows you to unlock your bootloader of your Amazfit Sportswatch/2/3, Smartwatch, PACE,STRATOS & +,Verge and Stratos 3

This service is NOT related to huami or Xiaomi in any way.
It is meant to fill the current gap to allow custom developments on the watch (such as the PACEfied multi language ROM) until huami starts its official unlock service.

Big thanks goes to Olivier (kasakdor@xda) for his contribution!

Please read and understand the following terms and conditions:

  • You unlock your bootloader on your own risk. Nobody else takes any responsibility on your actions and any possible consequences.
  • We are therefore NOT responsible for any bricked devices, invalid warranty claims, heart attacks or world wars.
  • huami/Xiaomi will consider your warranty void. Do not contact huami/Xiaomi or your seller if anything goes wrong after you have unlocked your watch. Only YOU are responsible for the outcome of any modification you do.
  • This service is for personal usage only. Any identified commercial activities will be blocked.
  • A maximum of three unlock codes can be requested by each individual.
  • This service is provided free of charge. You accept that you cannot claim any charges towards us, if you are unhappy with the service or if the service does not work for you.